A New Perspective

Lord, you will grant us peace; all we have accomplished is really from you.

Isaiah 26:12 NLT

What relationship exists between peace and accomplishments? Absolutely nothing. Everything we have, including our very own breaths, belongs to God. It is in Him that we move, breathe and have our being (See Acts 17:28). So where is the disconnect? Could it be that we have associated having 'stuff' to peace?

The danger in this is that, once we decide that it is our things that give us peace then when those things are taken away, our peace will leave with them too. Sometimes, it could be that we have head knowledge of this. Other times we just don't know. Wherever you may lie, may you be reminded that it is God who grants us peace. It is an internal job.

A God-given peace while secure and reliable, is a choice. Yes, peace is a choice. God has already made it available to us. It is all a matter of perspective. When we shift our perspective to seeing every accomplishment being from God, we start to hold them loosely. That is, we value them differently. We view them as gifts and not things we deserve or are entitled to. Our heart posture shifts heavenward.

God freely allows us to have what we have. Let us be reminded that God is a good Father who withholds no good thing from His children (See Psalm 84:11). I am not stating this to say that we should not enjoy the things we have. This is also not to be mistaken as a standard measure that the amount of things we have is equivalent to how much God loves us. Instead, I am reminding us of our source of all good things to rewire our minds to Him who is the author of our lives. With this understanding, let us sever our connection to our blessings and attach it to our Source. The moment we gain this perspective then we will have true and divine peace. Perform a heart inventory today and check to see if there is anything that you are attached to that you need to separate yourself from. Confess it to God, re-submit it back unto Him and ask Him to show you how to choose the peace He offers every day of your life.

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