An Eternity Mindset

Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 NLT

Every time I've heard of this verse mentioned, it's typically in the context of acknowledging that God sets the perfect time for everything to come to pass according to His Will and He truly does. However, I recently stumbled upon a new revelation that comes from the part of the text that follows, "...He has planted eternity in the human heart..." Isn't it amazing how God is deliberate and detail-oriented? He alone created everything in this world including every detail of how we feel. This verse addresses the fact that God purposely left His fingerprints on our hearts. We have a home with Him. So that longing in your heart to find some larger purpose in life or feeling like there is an existence of some "higher power" is very intentional. It was God's way of marking us, that we are His. He gave us an eternity longing leaving us with the responsibility of stewarding an eternity mindset. This is where you choose whether you want to be with Him for eternity or not. He can't make us. Just like our earthly families, we are born into them. We have a place where we all come from, whether we know it or not. You see, we all have an innate need to belong. We want to know where we come from, who our parents are, what our lineage is and what that means for us. There is just something in us that feels settled when we know our origin.

It's funny how we recognize this enormous void in our lives yet for some of us, we have not considered God as being THE answer. He already is but He can never force Himself to be made known to you. Remember, love requires consent.

The verse finishes by saying, "...but even so, people cannot see the full scope of God's Word from beginning to end." The moment we acknowledge that it is God who has planted this longing for a higher purpose in our hearts then we attain true peace that surpasses all human understanding. When will we give up this fight that has already been won? When will we discover that science or other doctrines don't have all the answers we seek? When will we acknowledge that God is God and only He alone knows everything there is to know in this world He created out of love and divine delight? I am yet to find a person who has truly tasted of God and who He is and came out of it saying, "Yep, I didn't find what I was looking for."

Friends, this God is real. He is eternal. You are His. Cultivate an eternity mindset by reading about what God has to say about your life in His Word. Remember, He is the only one who can fill your void and has the full scope of our lives at the palm of His hands (See Isaiah 49:16).

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