Blessed to Bless

Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.

Galatians 6:10 NIV

There is something beautiful about God that I absolutely adore and that is His heart. God has the heart of a 'Papa'. He takes one thing and gives it to all of us in full measure so that we can all share in His glory. It's pretty amazing how He has perfectly poured Himself out on all of us through all the gifts we have. This includes everything down to the gift of our very breath. If you ever come to doubt God, just look around. Take a moment and get out of your shoes to just notice God all around you today. His breath brought all things to existence (See Genesis 1). Some use this breath to give rise to songs that bring healing- worshippers, others have hands that make lives better- doctors, others pour knowledge- teachers, others nurture to give rise to nothing but the best- mothers, others guide, protect and shape- fathers, some nourish- plants, some give more life- oxygen, some give light- sun, others give insight- scientists, others shepherd- pastors. The point is, everything that God created is good and exists for a purpose that is also good. See, even what we call evil is only evil because we know what good is. There is no evil without the presence of good. Our broken world only came to exist after what God created to be good.

As children of the Most High God, we have God as our source of everything that is good and because He is, therefore we are. Our only goal in life is directed to being perfected in Christ Jesus, to be just like Him. God in all His glory decided to have us as heirs of that very same glory. From His character we also live to share our inheritance with others and like our verse of the day today states, " we have opportunity". This is "code" for all the time. Our lives are a gift to gift others. So take a few moments to meditate today in God's Word reflecting on what this means for you. With understanding of God's nature to do good and be a blessing to us, how can you be a blessing to others? What can you do where you are right now? What opportunities are before you to bless others?

It is important to note that God is teaching us to be good to ALL, this means even those you may think do not deserve it. God did not call us to determine who we are to be good to, He already did that. He wants us to be good to ALL and especially those who share in the Faith. For believers, we have to understand that we are bonded by the blood of Jesus making us family and we cannot be a blessing to others who don't believe if we, amongst ourselves, are not good to each other. We don't have to wait to go to heaven to experience what is good. We can bring heaven to us right here, right now by living according to God's Word.

Be blessed and bless others!

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